Alpha Male Subliminal Programming

When it comes to attracting women, our mind can either be our best friend or our worst enemy depending on what you feed it, and you wouldn't believe how much trash and self-limiting beliefs we feed our mind every day. So why not give our mind positive, encouraging and confidence building input?

This video has strong and subtle programming to give you the Alpha Male Mindset in your daily life. Positive affirmations will be placed into your subconscious mind with the help of theta brain waves.

This program will encourage your confidence with women and radiate your hidden sexual charisma and natural charm, your personality will soon be radiating a connection to all women that you come across. Soon you will begin to notice that women go out of their way to be near you or find excuses to be in your company.

Although you may not notice yourself, the positive sexual confidence that you will be transmitting will have the ladies queuing up to be with you. Persistent use of this program will achieve the results that you require.

The following 12 affirmations are used in this video...

I attract beautiful women
Women respect my confidence
Ladies are drawn to me
Females find me humorous
I am a magnet to females
I am a brave and valiant
I am bold and daring in all that I do
I am now free from all fear and worry
I am strong, bold and confident
I am everything and more to females
I am fearless and courageous
I face all challenges head on
I live my life with confidence and courage

If you would like to create your own positive affirmations and feed your sub-conscious positive thoughts to help you become successful in all arenas of your life and achieve your dreams, then get a copy of the MindZoom software.

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Chapter 1 -- The Great Secret

This chapter introduces the reader to the Law of Attraction and how it works.

Chapter 2 -- Captain & Crew

The author talks about how the conscious mind is the captain which directs the sub-conscious mind (the crew) to behave either positively or negatively.

Chapter 3 -- Evidence

In this chapter, proof is provided, as well as case studies of successful people, of how the power of thought can transform lives.

Chapter 4 -- Power of Intention

The author focuses on the correct way to intend something in your life and differentiates between intending something and requesting it. You will also learn how to apply the Law of Abundance.

Chapter 5 -- Simple Attraction

Chapter 6 -- Advanced Attraction

Chapter 7 -- Affirmations

Chapter 8 -- Visualization

Chapter 9 -- Wealth Beyond Reason

Chapter 10 -- Final Lesson